♥ Life is crazy and unpredictable! ♥

People come into our lives and sometimes stay forever! 

Life is just this crazy adventure and it is our job to make the most of it! The best way we can! 

The most valuable things in life is the connections that we have, the love and loving things we have each and everyday! 


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 ♥ Capturing moments of love and people that love each other became part of my life and I L-O - V- E it!

Trust me when I say that I know how awesome is the feeling when you see that moment frozen there forever!

Let me be the one there for you ready to register every smile ♥


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From your engagement session to the last minute of your wedding day I want to be there for you as a photographer and as a friend making sure that you are happy and that everything that is important to you is being covered. Because at the end of the day what matters to me is that YOU are happy with your images and that your wedding day is registered just like you lived it!

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One of the biggest pleasures I have as a photographer is to witness people's stories and how their lives are growing and changing.

The magic from the wedding day to the amazing experience of their first baby... It is truly incredible, and for me it is an absolutely honor to be chosen to be part of this. 

So you can count on me! I am going to be there for you at every step!

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