The first section is just basic information about the wedding day! Here are a few tips to know beforehand:

  • Try to make sure there is natural light in the room where the bride is getting ready (window light)—this makes world of a difference in your images!!

  • Keep the area near this window free of trash bags, snacks, etc. This will mostly likely be where the bride will be putting on her dress + we don’t want any of those things in the photographs!

  • Please have all bridal details together before we arrive (dress, jewelry, shoes, invitations/programs, bouquet, veil, perfume, etc.)—this will make details shots much more efficient!

  • Consider the same notes above for the groom! We love to shoot his details, too! (ties, watches, socks, shoes, cuff links, etc.)

  • Relax + HA VE FUN—you’re getting married!