What did I do on Memorial Day Weekend

Hey guys!!

Summer is here!!! Or at least is what we think. Right now it is drizzling outside and not as warm as I wish it was at this time of year. But I don't care. This is the beginning of the Summer and I know lots of warm days are on our way! 

Last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend and this year I did something special! My friend and second shooter Paty and I went to Sanibel Island! Sanibel is this beautiful island in the Gulf side in Florida. Warm and sunny days were waiting for us!

This is what I did for 3 days! =)))

This is what I did for 3 days! =)))

We flew in to Sanibel on Saturday morning but our vacation started on Friday with mani&pedis and pizza night! Got to Sanibel without any major trouble other than having to check in my bags, And 3 hours later we were in Florida! 

We got our rental car, punched the address on my phone and turned the radio up! Pit stop for food. Pit stop for sunscreen. And there we were!!!

By the time we got everything in the house and away we put our bikinis on and to the pool we went! We got the radio, the food, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen... You named it, we had it. Anddddd it starts to rain. Not just rain, a thunderstorm!!! 

Come on weather!!!!

Come on weather!!!!

We kept a positive attitude and in less than two hours the sun was back and we were back in business! It was a great time to just relax, unplug and forget about the craziness that real life can be! On these 3 days we watched 3 thunderstorms (favorite!!), had dinner at the Yacht Club, took a ride thru a new town, had deep conversations, shallow conversations.. you know that kind of thing you do with one of your best friends! But we also did 2 photo sessions! 

You know we like to take pictures, but we like to have our picture taken as well. Even because who does't enjoy looking good once in a while??? We decided in 2 themes, "Pin Up" and "By the pool" (very appropriate lol) and we had so much stuff with us to pick from! Make up was also a challenge but I think we pulled it thru just fine!!!! 

Here is two of the best so you can see how they came out!

Paty totally rocked this look!!!

Paty totally rocked this look!!!

It was sad to have to come back to real life and let the pool behind but I do have to say that I was missing my puppies pretty bad by now. Also I have so many exciting thing doing my way this year that I am happy to let time goes by and do its thing! 

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend as well! 

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