Patricia & Len Engagement session

I met Patricia and Len at the Laurelwood Areboretum some time in May. It was a grey morning and when that happens I always wonder if the quality of light will be good or if the day will just stay too grey and dark for the photoshoot. 

I checked with Patricia and she wanted to go ahead and keep the appointment, and I have to say I am so glad we did!!

Laurelwood Areboretum is one of those magical places that everywhere you look you see a perfect spot for a perfect picture, and when you have a beautiful couple like Patricia and Len it seems like the entire place comes to life. Frame after frame just naturally happens as they interact with each other (and with a little bit of guidance and encouragement). But the truth is that we you have a couple that love each other like them do, the best photos happen without me saying a word. 

I loved spending a few hours with these two walking around, finding spots and hearing the story about how they got engaged. Patricia and Len are best friends and that is something to cherish! I'm looking forward to photograph their wedding in the near future and see what the future holds for them! I wish them the best of luck on every single step of the way!

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