Cristiana's First Communion

I remember my first communion. Actually I remember my sister's first communion before I remember mine. I was so astonished with her outfit that I had to try it on myself and have my picture taken even though the spot light was on her and not me! 

There is a lot of preparation for a first communion, classes at church, invites, shopping for a dress and of course the big moment where you actually have your first communion. If you have older sibling you see them going thru everything and know that in a few years it is your turn, and when that day comes it is a bit extra special. 

I remember Cristiana when I was photographing her older sister and I think she felt a little bit like I was describing just now. And I'm so happy I was there to register her special day at her first communion. 

She looked so beautiful and was such a great model! Thank you Cristiana for being so wonderful! 

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