For all the dads out there! We see you!

                     Hey Dads, 

This post is for you. Specially for you, because even though you didn't carry them for nine month every day that you stood by them it showed how irreplaceable you are! 

You teach the boys what a man should be, teach them how to be tough but also how they need to be sweet! You show the girls what they should be looking for and teach them how to respect themselves. 

I am a sucker for my dad and for me even when he is wrong, he can do no wrong. I guess I feel like that because of all the days he played with me and my sister, he cooked for us, played video games, watched movies and taught us how to swim and ride a bike. He took us to buy our first cd player and  he insisted we should have a computer (so we could spend hours searching for pictures of the Backstreet Boys, of course). I love my dad so much because when I am doing something he doesn't agree with he gets mad, not because he doesn't agree but because he is trying to protect me. 

Every time I do a photo session with dads I get a glimpse of that irreplaceable love. That little sparkle in their eyes because of how proud their are of their babies. It is amazing! 

Enjoy your day Dads. You deserve it every minute! DO everything that mom doesn't allow you to do it, after all IT IS YOUR DAY!


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