Snow Session

SuAnn is one of my clients and she contacted me this Winter saying that she would like to do a snow session for this year! I loved the idea of the white snow look, and the quality that photos like that have. Something about the white scenery that makes everything more quiet, and at the same time so vibrate. So we were pretty much on call waiting for a weekend snow fall! 

They live on a cute lake community and we were the only ones out there. The lighting was perfect and a 5 year old always make things more interesting if you know what I mean! 

What I love the most about this session other than the perfect outfits that SuAnn put together was the idea of having something different from the traditional warm weather photo session. It definitely stands out, and I love when my clients suggest a out of the normal idea.

I'm in love with the result of this session, and know that it was totally worth to be a bit cold for this! =)  

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