Year in review series - Part 2 - What fills my heart

I think it all started 2 years ago around this same time. 

You can blame on the Holidays, or maybe that time just had to come for me. But I was feeling anxious and empty trying to find happiness in things and on social media. I knew in my heart that something had to change, I just didn't know exactly how. 

Two years later we are back on the holiday season and I wish I could tell you all about the new person I am. So fulfilled and so happy. That I meditate everyday and know how to deal with every issue and relationship in just the right way... Hey guess what, I'm not. 

I did find out that the change can only come from me. That I have to work hard and look inside myself for the "blame" and not redirect to other people. I learned that I have to accept what I am on that moment even if it is not pretty, and that once I took that step, and only then I can try to change it. 

It is not easy, and for most of the time I feel lost. 

Trying to separate immediate reward that is truly unfulfilling with meaningful thoughts and activities that will bring me peace in the long run is one of the most important challenge I have to work on everyday. 

Spending time with who you love is so important. I think everyone knows this one. But how many of us take those moments for granted? Living far away from my family is so damn hard and maintaining a close relationship with them is so important to me, and in my opinion, a key factor for me to find my happiness

I also started to exercise a lot. For vain reasons, I admit it. But I was slowly guided to a passion I had years ago and found it again. 


I found yoga when I was around 18 or 19 years old. My gym had a class and would go religiously. For me the secret of loving exercise, in particular yoga, is to find a teacher you love. 

When I moved to the USA I couldn't find a teacher that would click with me. I'm sure I was looking on the wrong places, but hey, I just got here at that point. Fast forward 10 years later it clicked again! 

In my practice I found that the world would melt away while I was on my mat. The voices inside my head would quiet down. I found pleasure in stretching, pleasure in the challenge, and pleasure in progressing. And on top of it I was getting strong. True love people!

I also find peace and love with my dogs. I wish I could have so many more!!! My heart belongs to the nature and to animals. Every time I am working towards something good for them I know it is right and I get that feeling that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Do you know what I mean??

Maybe filling my heart has everything to do with filling somebody's else. Giving is the answer to getting it. 

I L-O-V-E my puppies with all of my heart and they give me conform and love and company. They are there for me everyday and I'm there for them. I can only imagine what is to have babies like so many of you guys do!! But for me, for now, they are my real babies. 

There is also painting. It is still little and by no means I consider myself that kind of artist. I have been painting at home by myself of with online tutorial and hey... not that bad! If you never tried one of those sip and paint places you should definitely go! it is so much fun and a calming experience, unless your painting is really turning into c%^*$, thennnn.. not so much !

So that is it! I would love to hear what fills your heart! Looking into expand and exchange ideas and make new friends!

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