As you may expect I can be a little bit crazy about photos! 

As a child I loved looking through family albums and remembering (or trying to remember) how life was at that time! 

Once I became a teen and the digital camera took the world by storm I became even more photo crazy and I was able to create thousand of photos and folders... that I managed to name them all "Debora" lol. Pictures got lost and many moments only live in my mind now because the "Debora Folders" simply disappeared. 

Years went by and I got smart! 

I came up with this great idea of creating YEAR BOOKS. So once I year I will collect all the pictures from the past year. I get my favorite photos from EVERYTHING that happened and  I organize them in a photo book. 

It is a lot of work but the final product it is just amazing! See it for yourself! 

By the end of each year I have my life in photos in  a incredible and organized way! Now I don't have to remember when that happened, and which year, and what was before what! So cool!

My first book was the year of 2007 and I have each year since then. Every year they get bigger and I absolutely love the day my album gets home! 

Now I have a few tips if you would like to create your own book:

1) Find a company and a design you love. I use MyPublisher for my books and I use the linen color covers. Try to be consistent. Each year the same everything but a different color, which makes it fun! 

2) Organize your photos by month through out the year. Having all photos mixed together can be very overwhelming. I try to have them by month so I know in which order they will go in the book. This way I can work on each month individually and divide and small doable tasks. 

3) Try to make your heart happy! On my first few books I felt guilty about spending the money and my books were very small. Remember that this is truly a memory for a life time and generations. Later on in life when you can't find your files you will be happy to have your book with lots of pages.

4) Have pages with one big photo, but also have those pages that contain lots of smaller pictures. Christmas per example is a day that we take tons of photos. Putting 8 photos in one page gives you the chance to include everyone in your book! This way you will be able to have a lot more in there. Keep the full pages for the special pictures!

5) Review your book multiple times. You will be surprise how many little mistakes can occur if you don't keep your eyes open. This is a must!!

6) Have fun! This is for you! Include as many photos you want, about any thing you want. Don't ever think "Oh.. people that see this book will think... X ,Y  or Z" Possibly everyone that sees my book think there is way too many dog pictures... lol I don't care. I make these books for me and I will include everything that makes me happy and you should too! 

That is pretty much it! I hope this will become a precious thing for you too! If you have any questions feel free to send me a message! I hopefully I have a chance to see your book one of this days! =)

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