An honest post.

So here we are at the end of another year. My inbox is being bombarded with newsletters and blog posts about how to start the new year, but for me reading the first line of those emails are overwhelming. 

2016 wasn't a bad year. Not at all. In my personal life it was a year that brought a lot of positive changes that were overdue. It has a lot of meaning to me and also took a lot of strength. Working first and foremost on myself and who I want to be was on my agenda from day one. But anxiety and overwhelm took over more times that I am proud to say. 

Maybe this doesn't sounds very positive but on my eyes the first step for any change is the moment you recognize the issue and you are willing to do something about it. And for that I am very much so grateful. There were moments in 2016 that I thought it was best for me to give up. That it would be just easier. Sometimes the journey just looks impossible to acomplish. 

So 2017 is just a few days away and for me this is always a sign for a fresh start. This time is no different. I came to the conclusion that the hardest step it is always that space between the idea and the action, and to get yourself to actually get up and do it might the the real challenge.

I have so many dreams. So many ideas that i give up on it before even trying. And that is not what I stand for. Not the example I want to set. And not the advice I would give to who I love. So why I would do it I don't know. 

Fresh starts are here, and on 2017 I hope to do more. I hope to learn more, and I hope to love more. Love my life, love my work, love other and love myself! Cheers!

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