This is the most valuable thing you will ever have.

You are probably asking yourself if the thing I am talking about is covered in gold or if it has diamonds all over it. The answer is NO!

What I am talking about it is the incredible emotional value that you get from family pictures! I started doing it myself every time I visit my family in Brazil. I make everyone pick an outfit, make their hair (including my dad LOL), I pick a nice spot at our beach house, find seats for everyone, get my tripod, set up the camera, walk my grandma to the best seat, call everyone, do test shots, and after taking 15 different frames I finally have something to work with! 

I load the photos and edit all the requests from all family members including my own. It is a lot of work but no word describes it better than "PRICELESS". To photograph the whole family together in the same photo over and over is really something I cherish and have no intention to stop doing. 

When I get home I order my 8x10 print and put in my pretty white frame in a spot I see every single day. Once I open the back of the picture frame I can see the older photos, I can see what is different, who is different, I get to see and remember what was going on at that time. I get to remember, relive and feel that warm feeling that that moment is frozen in time for me to go back anytime I want.

After all, what can be more important than the people you love? What can be more important that your relationships with your mom, dad, sister, kids? For me that is the real richness in life. 

So I challenge you to think about this and really make sure that you are making these memories as well! Please send me a message here and it will be a pleasure for me to help you have the same wonderful memories in your life!

In the mean while you get to see my newest family photo that was taken this August! Enjoy!

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