Amanda & Peter Valdes

Amanda and Peter are the kind of couple that you can tell how much they love each other right away! We celebrated their love in a sunny and very warm day in May! All the leaves and flowers were out and the little white petals on the ground made everything look a little bit more magical! 

Amanda is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet! Lots of people involved in their big day were close to her and you could see the love that every single person was putting into the preparations just because all of that was for her! Including me! 

They choose a beautiful location in Riverdale, NJ called Glenburn Estate. This beautiful old house that matched perfectly the vintage theme of their wedding!  

It was a very emotional day where the bride or the groom did not hold on to their tears, along with the bridal party, guests and me! Connected my love, family, friends and faith Peter and Amanda have a long and happy life ahead of them! 

I can't wait to see where they