What to wear for a Family Session

"What should we wear for our family photo session" is a question I hear frequently! I love fashion and I do have a thing for shopping so it is always delightful when I meet a family for a photo session and they have this fabulous colors and outfits together! 

So I decided to put together here my best advice in a guide line to help you pick your family outfit that look great and show your personality in a stylish way! 

A Splash of Color

I love to see when there is one strong color among all family members. Not everyone needs to be wearing the same piece with the same color, but if every body (or almost everybody) has that color it really brings everyone together. In a way that everyone is matching without matching if you know what I mean! If you like this idea I would also suggest to pick a strong color like red, yellow, purple... Something you like and that will "pop"! 

Pastor Family Fall 2014-Web-0004.jpg


Accessories give a lot of style to the outfit and make you look cool and stylish! I love to see the girls with flowers and head bands, scarves and hats for boys! There is so many adorable choices out there and I am sure you have something cute at home! The idea of wearing accessories is to insert something interesting and out of the normal. It also give the opportunity to some cute photos and something to interact with!

Go for the classic! 

If you don't want to go too crazy when picking your outfit but you still want to make a statement my advice is to choose something classic. Classic sweaters, black and white, creamy colors are always a good call as well! It all depends on your personality and what kind of images you are looking for for your family photos! 

Stay comfortable 

This one goes hand to hand with small children. Sometimes we are on the mercy of their mood and getting the family photo can be a real challenge. That is why it is important to make sure that the kids are warm and comfortable. We don't want to give them any extra reasons to be unhappy during the session so we can optimize our time and increase the number os smiles!

Bottom line is that  you should pick something that feel right for you. Our goal is that you and your family will be as comfortable as possible and that you can be yourselves during the session! You want to look back at the photos and think "That is me!".

I hope this helps and I hope to see you guys later!

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