Shine on Supermodel

I'm sure all of us look at a magazines sometimes and think "Damn I wish I could look this good in photographs." The truth is that yes you can! 

We all have a supermodel inside of us that wants to come out and make ourselves proud of who we are! The secret to accomplish this is very simple! All you have to do is have the courage to try it!!

Here are a feel tips to increase your chances of a successful photo shoot. 

1. Put together a session idea. What are you going for? A beach style session? Boudoir? Country style? Knowing the idea for the photo shoot will narrow your options and help you decide other details for your session. 

2. Pick out your outfits. Very special detail here. Knowing what you are going to wear is key for this to work out. Find pieces that will go with your theme and will also make you feel very good about yourself. You want to feel confident, beautiful and powerful!

3. Put some make up on!! Put some make up to accentuate you beauty. It doesn't have to be any thing crazy. Just an eye linear, a splash of color on the lips and a little bit of blush!  Again we want you to feel wonderful!

4. Bring some music! Some Beyonce perhaps, or personal favorite of mine is the sound track for the Victoria's Secret commercial! Here is a suggestion:

5. Find a photographer that you trust! This ia another biggie when it comes to this. The logic is simple when you trust someone you can relax and when you relax the amazing photos will happen! 

The beauty you see below is my friend Paty. We did this "Pool side" photo shoot in Sanibel, Florida. We took advantage of very single tip I gave above and as you guys can see it worked!! Enjoy!

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