So since the last year or so I have been trying to find things that would make me just happier! 

There are recipes for happiness everywhere now days... exercise, eat well, mediate, smile to strangers, stop complaining and so on. Even tough I believe in all of that my only problem is that sometimes I find is so hard to actually stick with a great way to be happier. 

It is hard to tell why, but even though we want to change to our core the good and old resistance to change somehow seems to win most battles... That is why I was in love when I found out about this app called "Happier"!

The idea is as simple as Facebbok, Instagram, twitter or whatever is your favorite social media, but the real advantage about this app is that it has a community 100% positive!! Everyone that is there only wants to share with the community a happy moment!! Is it awesome???

So I have been pretty loyal to Happier and every time I have a happy moment I quickly grab my phone and share with the community! It is a great way to show gratitude and enjoy the small things in life like a walk with the dogs, a phone call from your mom, a slice of ice-cream cake... 

If this idea excites you please feel free to download Happier here. Also come find me and follow me! I will definitely follow you back to see your happy moments!!!

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