Why inspiration matter so much

Today is a big day for me! A big day because it starts a big month!!!

I am looking for positive changes in all areas of my life and I have a 30 day goal to reach. 

Today is day 1 so I am pretty excited and in a "Let's do this" mode, but we all have been there before. We all know that new years resolutions usually don't survive past February and the true question is "How do you make the positive changes last? How do you reach or goals?"

The answer is pretty obvious, DON'T GIVE UP. The main problem is the execution. 

I have a hint for you!!! Find an inspiration. Find something that touches you deep within. Something that will give you the strengthen not to give up. This is how you do it. 

The moments you want to give up. The moments resistance is taking over and laying in bed is sooooo seductive you have to grab you inspiration, look it in the eyes and connect with your desire. That is when you will find what was missing to get there. 

I have this huge inspiration. Katerina Plotnikova is an AMAZING photographer and she inspires me like there is no end. Her work is so magical, original and amazing that my jaw drops every time I see it. Here I will share some of it with you so you can the amazed too! 

Want to see more?? Click on the photo


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