Why you should drop your phone.

Here is the thing: We live in a world ruled by technology. There is no limit of information, miles and miles can be conquered in seconds and everything is expected right away

This is our culture. Patience and focus are things from the past and the more you multitask the more you should be proud of yourself. 

Don't get me wrong, like everyone else I love technology and I am specially thankful for it because it brings me closer to my family. Seven years ago I would call my family once a week and have a very expensive bill to pay every month but now I can FaceTime for free everyday ! Pretty awesome right?!

Lately i have been noticing the negative side effect of technology in my life and you probably have the same problem too. I am constantly checking my phone. I keep looking at it hoping that something new happened in the last 30 seconds and I feel that my phone has an obligation to entertain me. I need a game, a Facebook notification and a txt message RIGHT NOW to be happy and satisfied. 

Even when I am working i am always taking breaks to check my phone. And it seems that I can not complete one task without doing that.


I am not saying I will ditch my phone. It doesn't have to be that harsh. (lol) but it is time to take control back. So lets set some ground rules

- We should only check our phone if it beeps. And even so. Could it be that important??

- Your email notifications should be turned off. Checking emails used to be a task that you used to do once a day. Now it seems to be a constant task in my life. But lets be honest, unless you work through email it is mostly junk mail. 

- Delete most of your games. specially Candy Crush. These games are time wasters. We spend an entire hour playing games while we could be doing something useful. Games should be only allowed if you actually have nothing else to do!

- Turn your phone off once in a while. Who said you have to be reachable and available 24/7??? Sometimes we need time for ourselves and if you phone is about to beep at any moment you are not focusing 100% on yourself. Turn your phone off and know that this is your time and you are not sharing this moment with anyone else. Not even your loyal phone. 

Implementing small changes like this can be more challenging that we think. But it is definitely an exercise worth doing and after a while you will be an independent person again ! No phones attached !!!

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