Where to start? For some just a dog to me a sister. Words do not describe the pain of losing someone you love, and if it is unexpected it seems that the pain is even greater.

This little angel came into my life by surprise, Gabriela came home with her one day and inevitably filled our hearts with love. So many stories, games, lots of happy barking. Full of personality she has always been the most coveted of the house and she would give away kisses on the noses! Beautiful by nature and with exceptional intelligence Belinha marked our lives forever. The pain of losing you is still present and will probably never go away, but you left us something much bigger.

Belinha you showed us loyalty. Showed the true meaning of pure love. Taught us how to escape Dad when he was sleeping on the couch without waking him up. Proved that you know how to play hide and seek. That when we really want that treat we can learn any trick. And that there is nothing better in life than our mom.

I know you became a shine star in the sky. All I wanted was to bring you back. More alright I hope for you it's worth it! People say that animals have less evolved spirits. Impossible. Love as you loved, bring so much joy, years of affection, companionship, loyalty, obedience and unconditional love could only be so for someone who is way ahead and left us in the dust. Forever is too little, I'll love until the world doesn't exist anymore! But wait for me, we will meet again my sweet Belinha. 

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