How to give the perfect day for your dog

We adopted my dog Cody almost 3 yeas ago. It was one of those situations that you just know it is right! I was at the pet store shopping for fish and the store was having adoption day. I decided to go and take a look, just so I could see the puppies and stuff. 

In the middle of 20 dogs barking I saw Cody just sitting quietly on his crate, and after spending some time with him my heart just knew it! So i made him a promise and I told him I would come back for him.  

I was able to keep my promise and we adopted him on the following week. He was very scared when he came home, and the poor thing would just shake sitting on the deck. But  with time he learned he was safe and our love for him just grew and grew! 

So this week was his birthday and I wanted to give him the perfect day! Here are the steps for the perfect day:

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