Me, myself and I

I think it is fair to say that I am a big fan of self-discovery, and I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a self-help book if you are taking something good out of it! Finding ourselves, our passion and following through is no easy task and the transformation is something to be remembered ! 

I found this book that is not book for reading. It is a book for writing! It is call "The book of me" and you can find it here if you would like to check it out.  

This book is a chance to write your own memoir. This is a chance to leave to your kids  your story, memories and thoughts! It is really heart warming to think that my kids will be able to read about things from my childhood, teenager years and other moments in my life that maybe I wouldn't be able to tell them ! Also, a book like this is something I would absolutely love to read if belonged to my mother. Memories are easy to slip away !

"The book of me" has 191 papers that you can fill up with delicious information about you! It is made of questions that go from where and when you were born, people that came into your life like friends, family and partners, describing your relationships, your routine, how you see yourself, what you want in life, etc. In other words, a bunch of personal and "tough" questions!

Maybe you would like to keep this private for now and be able to just write 100% from your heart, or maybe you would like to complete this book with a sibling for more fun!. It is really up to you, but it is definitely a beautiful journey of reliving moments and even self discovery! 

I can't wait to dive into all of it and pour my heart out into something that will be a family's keeper! And here is a little bit of "me" to complete this post!


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