Mama bird

It was weekend of 4th of July and me and my husband were just doing some yard work, Mark was pulling some weeds and I was trimming the bushes. When all of the sudden this bird comes hopping from under the bush to inside the garage and our dog Cody right after him.  

So I spent the next hour chasing this bird that it was probably too hurt to fly.  I wanted to get him out of the garage but all my efforts were useless, and on every try he would  just go deeper and deeper into the garage. Then I noticed... from my bedroom window that when nobody was there this other bird would come in and start singing trying to find where the hurt bird was. After a couple of tries we had to leave, close the garage door, game over.  

The amazing part of this story is that no matter how many times the door was closed this second bird would not give up on saving his friend. Next day the bird was still there   and I still had no idea where the hurt bird was. So I came up with this plan of hiding and letting the other bird guide me. It totally worked!!!  After more than 24 hours of "bird rescue mission" and a little of extra help, we finally got the bird out of the garage!!! Uffff...!

It turned out that the hurt bird was not hurt, it was just a baby bird that was still learning how to fly, and the friend was actually a mama bird that never gave up on her baby and they finally got reunited after all with lots of love !  

That day was a good day ! =)