Find Your Magic

Find your magic (1).jpg

Wouldn't life be easier if it came with a manual, or if all our feelings were crystal clear and easy to read, or even better, we didn't have to worry about money, pay rent, school and all we had to do was follow our dreams and worry about doing things that made our soul happy and complete?

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Just living our lives is hard, it can be very complicated. As we grow up, figuring out what we want to do is a challenge. This is when I have to remind you that finding out what wake our hearts is the most important task of our lives!!! After you find out what your heart is aching for is that you are going to find the gold in the end of the rainbow !!!!

So listen to your heart, listen to that voice that gets excited about something, watch for the activity that is fulfilling and that make the time fly. Look for that makes your heart truly happy ! FIND YOU MAGIC !!!

For some people that is an easy task, since they know what that is since they can remember. For some of us the magic is hidden behind fears and behind what society tell us we could never do. In other cases we have to look a little bit deeper inside of ourselves, but I promise you, it is there ! 

A good way to start this search is by thinking about what you are grateful for. If we are grateful for it is probably because it makes us happy, if it makes us happy we are half way there !! 

So here is a quick check list of what you have to look for when finding your magic:

1) The activity that makes you feel complete and fulfilled.

2) Once you are  doing it you cannot see the time go by. You are having fun, you are not watching the clock!  

3) You would do this for free. Yes, for free!!! Because it is not work, it is your true calling.  

4) You are grateful to have it in your life.  

This is just a small list to get you going. And this is important because our magic is the reason why each and every single one of us are here in this planet. So lets search within ourselves! Lets start searching for happiness, fulfillment, for a happy life ! Are you in???