Start with your heart

Starting a blog it is not something easy to do. It is also hard to tell in which direction everything is going to go... So I decided that the best way to start this is starting with my heart! 

I would like to introduce to you someone that has a huge part of my heart and she is someone that I miss tremendously, and that lately I had the chance to spend some time with. Please meet my dog Belinha !

Belinha is 10 years old toy poddle and she is the family dog. I like to say that she is my younger sister because is undeniable that she is part of the family. I live in New Jesey, USA but my family lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I only get a chance to see her a couple times a years. So I am loving my time here with her and we have been doing everything together!

She is a cutie and I absolutely  love her with all my heart !